Jan. 12th, 2015

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Last night I decided to look at my previous posts and was shocked to see it has been four years since my last update. Wow where does the time go. A lot has happened in those four years. This biggest thing to happen was we moved to Florida in August last year. I finally am here with my mom who I haven't lived around for way to long. It has been a transition but so far we love the weather. Nice not to endure below zero temps.

In December I took my grandaughter home that evening and as I left my sons house a boy on a bike ran out in front of me and we collided. i was shocked couldn't beleive what had happened. I stopped and called 911, got out of my car and helped the young boy. He was not seriously injured thank God but I was a basket case. There was some damage to my car and that will be getting fixed tomorrow. I am so thankful that this young boy is okay and I pray never to go through something like that again.

So back to our move. Our house in North Dakota sold in 7 hours. Everything went so smoothly. I truly beleive God opened all the doors for us to move here. The drive here was wonderful, sunshine the whole way and the dogs did great with the long drive.

As they say not everything will go as planned and we have found that to be true. My husband John has had no luck in finding a job. He has had three interviews in the last four months. He did take one job but only worked for the day and then told them it was not for him. The hours were terrible. They wanted you to work from 10am until 2-3am the next morning. Now during the interview they said there would be an occasional 3am but it turns out that it would be every Monday and Wednesday. Not much fun for sure. He has had two other interviews with no luck so far. He has put in for at least twenty jobs or more since we got here.

We are hoping something comes through soon or I am not sure what we will do. I will keep praying and believing that just the right job is going to come his way.

Oh yeah I also work from home. Have been with the same company for the last 2 1/2 years. This company allowed me to work from Florida and that is how we got here.

Anyways I am writing all this to keep a log of things that have been happening in our lives. After reading my previous posts I realized how much I like having this to look back on.


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