Pity Party

Jan. 5th, 2011 06:45 pm
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I guess you can say I am having my own little "Pity Party"! I should be grateful for all that I have and I am, but since I have graduated with my RN I had been unable to find a job until I was hired for a position 80 miles away. I am happy to have recieved this job offer as it will enable me to pay my student loans, which right now are 500 a month.I have applied to consolidate them, but that has not been finalized as of yet. Hopefully soon!!!! I do not look forward to the drive during the winter, but I will not mind it so much in the summer.

This is where my pity party begins:( All the girls I went to college with have gotten a job in the hospital and I have not even been able to get an interview. I just do not understand it!!!! I graduated with honors, have a good work history, but no one wants to interview me. I feel like such a loser!!!!! What is wrong with me that no hospital will even grant me an interview? I cry when I think about the dream I had of becoming an RN and how I would be able to do more along with becoming more financially stable and then the reality kicks in and kicks my "ASS", now how sad is that!!!!

So,I am going to ride this "Pity Party" to the end and hopefully when all is said and done, I will have kicked its "ASS".
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