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As the the title reads, I am a graduate RN. This last year and a half has gone by pretty fast. I am done with school and am graduating with honors. The actually graduation will be May 14th.

I am so glad it is over!!! I am taking a fews days to do nothing and then I will start studying for the NCLEX, which is the National licensing exam for nurses. I will be attending a 4 day live review that is a crash course of what we learned in school and also tips on how to break down the question to determine the correct answer. Hopefully within 2 weeks of the review I will test and pass my boards, then I will officially be a registered nurse.

Then the task of finding a job as a RN. I have applied to the new hospital opening but they wont be interviewing for a few months. They are expecting to open late summer early fall. I am also going to apply to a transitional care uint that will be opening around the same time. Hopefully I can secure me a position, so keep your fingers crossed.

On another note I found my best friend on facebook, who I havent seen since I was 18. It is sure good to talk to her, brings back alot of memories and gives me a connection to my childhood.

All in all life is good!!!
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