Aug. 16th, 2009

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Wow, looks like I haven't posted in months. Not to much exciting going on this way. The most fun I have had this summer so far is the wedding of our son Mark and Janine. What a beautiful wedding and it was great to meet Janine's side of the family. I actually have been using facebook and have added Janine's dad and mom to my friends list. I look foward on keeping up with how they are doing.

School starts back in a week, cant say I am looking foward to it, but only 2 semesters to go. Jack our new addition is such a love. Boy do I enjoy having him around! I am still working at St. Annes, have been there for over a year. I would like to work someplace else, but at least I have a job and health insurance. We have done some remodeling to the basement and our bedroom upstairs and it all looks very nice. My plans down the road are to add egress windows to the rooms in the basement, spruce up the laundry room, fix the side of the house, fence the yard and paint the outside of the house along with landscaping. We wont be able to do it all at once, just little by little, but if I stay focused it will get done.

Well thats it in a nutshell around here. I will have to really try and post more often.


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